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Backgrounds from the Bronze City

This post is part of my series about character generation for adventures in the Meager Country. Here are my wound and encumbrance rules, an introduction to the Besharan empirethe peoples of the Bronze city, and my rules for practicing Besharan religion 

Here are some new backgrounds for Besharans of all stripes.

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Imperial Bureaucrat: These people make the empire run. They keep the accounts, schedule the meetings, enforce the law, stamp the acquisitions requests, and make the tea. The imperial bureaucracy is a large and complicated organ in which people rise based a mercurial combination of nepotism and merit.
Proficiencies: Deception, Insight. Forgery Kit
Language: Besharan
Equipment: Ink and quill, notebook, Book of Laws, 15 GP, Courtly Robes
Master of Regulations: You are always able to ‘remember’ an obscure law or regulation relevant to a decision to gain advantage on a deception or persuasion check

Sacred Ascetic: The humble life of the ascetic has been a part of the Besharan faith since its earliest days. Every sect, except Mehrebism, has some kind of ascetic tradition.
Proficiencies: Religion, Survival, Herbalism Kit (you are forbidden from owning a herbalist’s kit)
Language: Besharan
Equipment: Begging Bowl, itchy linen robes, The Empty and Invisible Crown of Holiness, A bag of -30 GP
Valued Wisdom: You are respected for your wretchedness, people will be happy to give you money and food in exchange for your musings about the secrets of the universe. Even the highest of the high would be happy to meet you to entertain you in their home.
Vow of Poverty: You cannot own anything more than your starting equipment, a single simple weapon, and your rations. You must borrow everything else as you need it. If you can perform miracles, you may ignore one of the two practices you maintain.

Missionary: Though miracles are impressive, there are other ways of spreading the faith. Compassion, generosity, and a whole lot of sermons often work. Missionaries usually refer to themselves as “Lovers of the Word.” The Sultan funds the efforts missionary of numerous organizations, as a way of spreading Besharan culture.
Proficiencies: Religion, Performance, A Musical Instrument
Language: Besharan
Equipment: Book of Holy Scripture, 20 GP, Holy Symbol, well worn travelers clothes
Righteous Sermon: You can give an inspiring speech which can hold a friendly audience’s attention for about 10 minutes. It will probably leave listeners invigorated but confused. “How is Master Faridun a liar and an honest man at the same time? It makes no sense!”

Fire Cultist: Though banned everywhere, the followers of the Fire Gods persist. They can barely muster miracles of their own but hope to one day reignite their extinguished patrons. Fire Cults are often involved with criminal activity, besides fire worship.
Proficiencies: Religion, Deception, Disguise Kit
Language: Kerzerkian
Equipment: A dead coal, 15 GP, holy symbol, leather robes
Confounding Defense: If accused of fire worship, you know how to deliver a confusing defense of yourself which is full of logical fallacies and shameless attacks on the Besharan faith barely concealed by rhetoric. This won't trick the same person twice.
Know the Signs: You can recognize other fire cults and cultists by their secret codes and symbols.

Slave Officer: The officers of the slave army are taken from families all over the empire as children and trained in tactics, writing, courtly manner, and leadership. It is a great honour to be chosen to become an officer, some even buy their children into the order. Slave officers are expected to be completely loyal to the Sultan and never marry.
Proficiency: Athletics, History, 1 martial weapon of your choice, a gaming set
Language: Besharan
Equipment: Ceremonial dagger, 30 GP, Feathered Ceremonial Helmet, a chess set

Chains of Command: You have a superior officer who you report to and who can provide information and support if need be. Those serving under you have more respect for you.

File:Fighting between Byzantines and Arabs Chronikon of Ioannis Skylitzes, end of 13th century..jpg

I think these are pretty ok backgrounds, most of them could use a second draft.

This post is dedicated to Peter von Bagh, because I was thinking about him today

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